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Your trusted partner

We approach tax issues from your perspective. We consider the context of your business and the industry in which it operates. We look at circumstances today—and anticipate future economic developments. By doing so, we help you make the best decisions for your company right now and over the long term.

The right advice at the right time

We capitalise on our collective experience to provide you with the timeliest, highest quality tax advice—taking the pressure out of your most complex tax decisions. We assess your options, consider the risks thoroughly and protect you from unwelcome surprises when you engage in cross-border business.

Single point of contact

While GTS’s (Global tax services) tax advisors are currently located in Dubai, we have a pool of tax professionals distributed across more than 100 countries, each of our client relationships is managed centrally by one senior GTS contact in the client’s primary region. This affords clients access to highly specialised expertise from all countries of business activity, coordinated personally through a single experienced partner. By building relationships in this way, we are able to deliver added value over time, working with you to provide tax advice and manage its implementation throughout the life cycle of your business.

Sharing knowledge for your benefit

As part of our unique team approach, we confer regularly to share technical knowledge and exchange best practices, constantly deepening our expertise to help finance directors, tax directors, legal directors and dealmakers interpret and apply tax law.

The best tax advisors have a deep understanding of local and international tax issues, broad experience in the delivery of industry-focused tax advice, and a profound commitment to optimising the client’s business. GTS’s tax experts have all three.

GTS’s team approach enables the sharing of experience not only across geographic boundaries but also across tax disciplines. Experts from our service lines confer regularly to exchange knowledge. This ongoing dialogue allows us to continually refine our approaches and ensure optimal outcomes for clients.

Our Values

Committed to client success

We understand the critical role tax plays in strengthening the bottom line, opening up new opportunities, and optimising operations. Each of of our tax professionals abroad is committed to fueling client success by anticipating and advising on the tax implications associated with strategic business decisions. We treat every account as a priority.

Proud and passionate

We embrace what makes us different. Because of our pride and passion, we enjoy a considerably lower staff churn rate than the average top-tier firms-which translates into reassuring continuity for our clients.

Approachable, proactive and energetic

In our competitive space we are truly driven to perform. We apply our unique qualities to uphold the highest standard of excellence in proactive client service. We are a close knit group of entrepreneurial people all committed to working together collaboratively, with integrity and energy.

Responsive, practical advice

Many of our member firms are founded on the experience of tax advisors who, after working in some of the largest professional services firms in the world, have set out to deliver something different: advice that is strategic and practical, expert and responsive.

Our Structure

GTS is structured to facilitate seamless client service, ongoing communication and shared decision-making amongst its global team of tax advisors. GTS’s experts are not numbers in a telephone directory – we actively work together for our global future.

Privilege to belong

GTS works with a number of tax specialists over the globe – one per country. But it’s not just tax that makes GTS different to other networks. Our members all belong by invitation. Honoured to be part of this accomplished network, we’re motivated to maintain the highest standards of quality—in our advice and in our client interactions.

A dedicated team

GTS members work on a day-to-day basis by tax leaders of the Big Four Firms in 100 countries.
GTS have dedicated teams which confer regularly to share technical knowledge and discuss multinational engagements.

Sharing commitments

Every member firm has an interest in making GTS  work and commits to undertake cooperative activities to execute knowledge sharing, engagement, marketing and business development activities. By working together we translate knowledge and best practice into advice that addresses the latest tax issues affecting our clients across the world.

United Brand

GTS is a global brand that unites our network of leading tax advisors and is fast being seen as a stamp of credibility by our clients.


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